What Is Zipify One Click Upsell Use For? ( Shopify Upsells )

Have you ever asked yourself What is Zipify One Click Upsell Use For? Well, you are on the right page.

Zipify One Click Upsell is an app that allows you to create one-time offers and add them to your products.

These offers can increase sales and encourage customers to buy more products.

In this post, we’ll discuss how Zipify One Click Upsell works and what it can be used for. We’ll also provide some tips on using this app to improve your sales. Stay tuned!

Zipify page is an app, a Shopify app that brings out the real worth of your website. It transforms your website into a professional business more like a company with a value in millions of dollars.

Zipify One Click Upsell

It presents e-commerce activities in a way that is suitable and adaptable to your site. Now, a new fantastic app has been discovered that dwarfs other Shopify apps, and this is called Zipify apps.

So, What is Zipify One Click Upsell Use For?

Zipify One Click Upsell is an app that allows store owners to increase their average order value by offering customers one-click upsells and downsells at checkout. This can be a great way to boost your sales and profits, as well as offer your customers more value and convenience.

What are the Pages For?

You can utilize this incredibly intelligent application to try out all the web features of your multi-million dollar e-commerce site and hence create your own store online.

Zipify One Click Upsell

This app has successfully proven itself and has been certified OK. It is not like some random app that was created by a programmer with no in-depth knowledge of programming; the masters of the act created this.

Types of Zipify Pages

There exist four styles of landing pages provided by Zipify, each with a clear purpose and when combined gives a different effect that would be in tandem with your overall Shopify store.

SALES PAGES – These pages usually stand-alone, and they feature your products entirely and uniquely from your store to increase its sales.

When these pages are used with a convincing or persuasive caption like BUY NOW!!! LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE!!! Or RUSH NOW TO GET etc. you could be turning most visitors into customers.

When to use it?

It is used and most effective with new items, products on sale, seasonal items, promotional items, and so on. Alternatively, it could also be used to increase sales of the best seller by highlighting it with the use of sales pages.

LANDING PAGES – These are attractive but very functional pages that are used in marketing strategy to offer additional or promotional items from your store. These pages can be used to collect leads and from your visitors, and it could also convert them to future customers.

When to use it? Let’s say you want to provide a sales discount, and you wish to do this by issuing coupons, you could use landing pages to render the tokens in exchange for an email. Also, they can be used to send sign-up data, product discounts, and more to customers or prospective customers that open up your email.

PRE-SELL PAGES – These are pages that give further descriptions and elaborative information about products to visitors before they make purchases.

Here, exhaustive reports are made on the products such as the features, benefits, and other relevant information that a customer might require for them to be convinced to make a purchase.

When to use it? These pages come in where customer education and enlightenment are required for a novel or new product that has just been launched into the market.

You can also use the pages to give an in-depth analysis of your product with testimonials from customers who had used your products in the past and those currently using them.

BOOSTER PAGES – These are pages that come up only in the Plus Plan. They are two pages that require an email to opt in and a thank you delivery page.

When to use it? You can integrate your Zipify account with your CRM system and receive live updates whenever someone goes through the coupons you have issued and claimed them.

Then, you can send those who came in through your sales channel or link a simple thank you page with featured products.

Zipify One Click Upsell Review

Zipify OneClick Upsell

It has been proven that one of the smartest ways of selling more products is to sell to people who are already purchasing from you.

This is the idea behind Zipify OneClickUpsell, and it can aid in raking in more after-sales upsells as customers complete their orders.


Zipify OneClickUpsell aids in giving a powerful tool that puts relevant products in the sight of more customers that are willing to buy.

You could provide a bonus by creating post-purchase emails to get information on product reviews, more sales, and engagement with customers.

Try Zipify OneClickUpsell; this has proven to be a veritable sales strategy that increases sales in Shopify stores and so trying it out would be very helpful.

Benefits of Zipify OneClick Upsell

The technique of Upselling is a sales strategy that allows you to bring to the notice of your customers more of your products and services such as add-ons, accessories, upgrades, and more.

If there exist products in your store that go together in pairs or are used together, then the ability to upsell or cross-sell is very vital for the improvement of your store’s performance.

One of the striking features of Zipify OneClickUpsell is that you would not worry about if the customer stays or goes if he/she doesn’t want your upsell.

Zipify OneClickUpsell only makes your upsell offers visible after a customer has made their purchase for a product in your store.

benefits of Zipify apps

A Shopify app has been discovered by Zipify that makes upsells and downsell visible in sequential order. It means that after the customer has made the purchase and must have completed the payment, they would be shown an upsell which if they reject, displays a down-sell.

Let’s take a look at this example:

If you are selling a laptop on your Shopify store, you can create an upsell for a high-quality Laptop bag. If the customer rejects this, you can pop up a laptop charger at a lower price than they might be interested in.

Here are some other characteristics of Zipify pages

  • They easily replicate the supply channels.
  • It combines easily with Facebook pixels, and also with Google Analytics.
  • All pages are provided with your Shopify shop.
  • Illustrated template pages, and an eCommerce 8-figure store.
  • All pages are fully customizable.
  • They include commencement clocks, videos, and context fields in a single click.

Ziplify’s custom Google Analytics spreadsheet and the Facebook Pixel are some of the best Simplify features you will find that are integrated with the Shopify platform.

This means you can get the news of your sale easily from many sources, including clicks on emails, and see how to make landings and conversions. You can even take further steps to move on conversions.


Currently, some of the best content management and/or automation software are as follows: Ontraport, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Influsionsoft, and Aweber.

One of this software can be integrated with Zipify OneClickUpsell and this may erase the need for subdomains or add-ons to configure your landing page.

With this combination, Zipify becomes a powerful, mobile drag-and-drop landing page creator for eCommerce in the Shopify app market. You can try out the 14-day free test they offer to see if it works for you.

Why is Zipify important if I already have a Shopify store?

Unknown to many people, Zipify has a drag-and-drop feature that allows the user to add more elements to your pages, making it unique and functional.

Aside from the above benefit, you can also use Zipify to design pages for….

  • Your Products
  • Blog Articles
  • Your Home Page
  • Landing Pages for Ads

And any other thing that you could possibly imagine!

Another benefit is that you can easily integrate the pages into Klaviyo. It implies that your customers can deliver their mails without any difficulty.

Through Zipify, users have access to a button that creates a subscription window, which then allows you to get customer emails from the window that pops up. The above method is more captivating than merely designing the input fields on the page.

What are the Reasons Why Zipify is better than any other alternative? They are;

Zipify One Click Upsell

The person who teaches best does the best. Ezra Firestone created Zipify, the same person who designed and implemented the million-dollar brands found in Shopify.

The models and the practical examples used in Zipify presentations are the outcomes of real-life testing which determines what receives higher pay. Then again, it also implies that the model library used improves and grows continuously.

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Zipify One Click Upsell Review SECOND

As a fact, you can’t compare Shopify to any other landing page creator that is associated natively with Shopify.

So, why is it essential? It enables your visitors to view the pages created without any difficulties or issues associated with your business, and they will not require any new observation of all their activities. When you use external landing page creators, you create a new record that helps you analyze the best course of action.

Furthermore, if you require more functions on the platform, Zipify got you covered, as it provides you with a one-click post-purchase product that provides you with the additional success you need. Are you learning something in Zipify One Click Upsell Review? If yes let’s continue.

Using the one-click upsell app, you can quickly increase half your order size to 25% from the regular 12%. However, it depends on the offer provided. Through the hard work of Ezra and his excellent team, the amount of improvement made was tested and not mere theory.


  • It helps to improve your subscription pages by adding good social evidence, your product offerings, your vacation and holiday sales pages, etc.
  • It is easy to see all the social evidence across all the pages designed using Zipify.
  • Select and copy all the pages that are profitable from SmartMarketer’s 8-figure e-commerce store and improve the conversion rates by adding photos to each page.


Do you think that the chances for your Amazon business marketing are limited? If yes, then consider expanding your business and making it suitable for your e-commerce store. It is past the time of depending on only Amazon.

Zipify One Click Upsell is an app that allows you to create one-time offers and add them to your product pages.

This can be a great way to increase sales if you use it in the right way.

It’s effortless to set up, and you can start seeing results in minutes. If you’re not using it already, sign up for the 14-day Shopify free trial and see how it can help increase your sales.

Capture 4

This is the time to act in advance. If you desire to develop your online store, then this is the right time to do so.

Was this Zipify One Click Upsell Review helpful? Leave a comment below and click the button below to install the Zipify app.


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