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Using Tubesift, within just a few minutes logging in, you’re able to extract hundreds, even thousands of laser targeted videos to display your Youtube ads on that are relevant to your niche.

What is TubeSift?

TubeSift is a YouTube Ads targeting tool that empowers users to set up high-performing video ad campaigns quickly by taking the manual work out of finding precision targeted, monetized placements for YouTube advertising campaigns.

TubeSift review
TubeSift review

Founded in 2015, TubeSift has developed expertise in video marketing while optimizing its search function in conjunction with the latest changes to the YouTube platform, adding new capabilities to help our users get the best results for their video advertising campaigns.

What can Tubesift do for you?

  • Tubesift searches the Youtube platform for finding those potential relevant videos for you to place your ads on.
  • It will look for channels as well as videos for you to include your ad placements.
  • To put it simple – you’re able to advertise your stuff on popular videos and popular channels and this tool spoon feeds these videos on a silver platter.
  • You also have the ability to see other people’s ads in your space as well as their landing pages giving you the ability to spy on what others are doing in your space.
  • The cool part about all of this is that you don’t have to create videos to tap into Youtube as there are multiple types of ads you can run using Youtube’s Ad Platform to drive traffic to your landing pages.
  • For now, let’s focus on the video ads.
  • With more precise targeting, you can get a better ROI on your video ads while spending less time searching for the right videos.
  • TubeSift can be used on any device or platform. it is a cloud-based application, so there’s no software to download. It’s fully mobile responsive.
  • Advanced search options. Search by keyword, trending videos, or related videos. You can refine your search by language, upload date, video length, and other factors.
  • Video Info Tool. This tool lets you extract keyword tags, captions, and thumbnails for any video on YouTube.
  • Supports multiple languages. This tool lets you search for keywords, videos, and channels in any language for those targeting a global audience.
  • Trending and Top Charts search. Find newly released videos and those that are getting the most views.

Who should use Tubesift?

  • It can be used by coaches, product creators, affiliate marketers, for launches, and local business consultants.
  • If you’re looking to sell your own products, affiliate marketing, and coaching, you’re able to tap into similar audiences as well as similar videos to the product you’re selling.
  • Allowing you to skip days and weeks of research.
  • Create a webinar funnel or a lead magnet, tap into Tubesift to find the related videos you can use to display your ads on.
  • This tool can also be used to build a following and subscribers on the Youtube platform.. Instead of waiting for weeks and months hoping to get found in Youtube, you’re able to immediately start driving traffic from videos already getting eyeballs.
  • Lastly, agencies can benefit from running Youtube ads to get more clients as well as providing an additional service for running Youtube ads.

Features of TubeSift

So Simple To Use Yet Incredibly Powerful

Powerful Video Search

  • Quickly extract extensive lists of highly relevant and popular monetized videos using multiple search modes.

Top Channels Search

  • Discover the top channels in any niche. Extract monetized videos in channels or advertise across entire channels.

Dual-Source Keyword Tool

  • Uncover ultra-targeted keywords with unparalleled relevancy. Supports geotargeting and wildcard search.

Supports Any Language

  • Fully supports searching in any lanugage for videos, channels and keywords search functionalities.

If you plan to use Youtube ads as part of your traffic strategy for yourself or for your clients, I highly recommend it. So why hesitate? Buy now at Tubesoft group buy. I hope that the information I provide will be useful to you. Thank you for reading our Tubesift!

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