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Welcome to Shoplus, the ultimate e-commerce data analytics tool for TikTok business success. Shoplus is specifically designed to help you win on TikTok by providing you with valuable insights and data about your products, customers, and performance.

What is Shoplus?

Shoplus is a TikTok data analytics tool which helps TikTok content creators to keep track of hot trends and evaluate their accounts. Moreover, the platform aims to make influencer marketing easier for brand owners.

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Who should use Shoplus?

For Influencers

  • Discover product potential
    Be the first to find a high-demand product to sell, identify business opportunity and forecast upcoming trends.
  • Guide you on growing business
    Learn how to start and scale business on TikTok ,as well as unlock advanced KOLs’ content metrics for videos,songs,hashtags that make it easy to grow your audiences.
  • Gain competitor insight
    View comprehensive data of influencer performance and engagement, keep tracking on what strategies your competitors are using.

For Brands & Sellers

  • Find & track winning products
    This tool help you identify category trends with hourly-updated data of product sales on Tiktok, so you can find products with maximum profit potential and craft your product strategy in more effecient way.
  • Make conscious decisions for influencer marketing
    Better understanding of Tiktok influencer marketing performance with data-driven insight.Save,monitor and compare all engagement and sales metrics of top TikTok influncers side by side.
  • Optimize your branding strategy
    Get you learn how to boost traffic by creating appealing content from competitors.

Reason why influencer marketing is the next big thing

TikTok is taking over the social media request

  • TikTok is far and wide! People use this growing platform for particular use, small businesses, marketing, and numerous other effects. So, why should not you? It’s principally” the thing” currently, and the chances of you gaining further magnet and views there’s more likely than on other platforms.

It’s easier to gain hype on TikTok

  • The general mindset about gaining fame is that it takes time and lots of trouble. This may be true for utmost platforms, but TikTok’s story is a laddie bit different. See- TikTok’s algorithm is designed to reach out to further people. It’s intended for your vids to end up on as numerous druggies’ FYP( for you runner) as possible. This is the same reason why people go viral a lot easier on TikTok.

Statistics show that further than 70 of people trust influencers’ opinions

  • Structure trust isn’t easy by any means, but the beauty of moment’s world is that marketing juggernauts can help in that department. Why not take advantage of the occasion and mate with applicable influencers?

Marketing juggernauts sound better than advertisements

  • When people hear the word announcement( announcement), they are mindset of the content they’re about to see changes. generally, Influencers will sugarcoat what they are saying because the brand is financing them in exchange for advocacy. This is precisely why the word crusade represents the content in a more positive light.

Further than 40 of consumers block advertisements

  • Let’s be honest- advertisements can be annoying at times. Imagine trying to scroll on TikTok and constantly getting advertisements. Statistics have shown that people will most probably block the advertisements if they’ve the possibility. Content represented in a crusade form is neutral and does not feel as separated from reality compared to an announcement.

Features of Shoplus

For bigger Teams & Pro operations:


  • Unlimited Live Ranking List
  • Unlimited Live Search


  • Unlimited Top Sales
  • Unlimited Products Search


  • Unlimited Shop Ranking List
  • Unlimited Shop Search


  • Unlimited Top Sales
  • Unlimited Influencers Search


  • Unlimited Product Videos
  • Unlimited Promotion Videos
  • Unlimited Videos Search
Shoplus review
Shoplus review

In conclusion, Shoplus is a valuable resource for TikTok influencers looking to grow their business and create successful content. Its e-commerce analytics feature allows users to learn from other influencers and save time on research, while the ability to study creative content from others provides inspiration for new ideas. If you’re a TikTok influencer looking to take your business to the next level, give Shoplus a try.

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