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SaleSource is all-in-one artificial intelligence software that helps you find the winning products to sell in your own eCommerce store. It is a reliable, fast, simple, and risk-free drop-shipping platform approved by more than 25,000 Shopify providers.

What is SaleSource?

SaleSource is an artificial intelligence-based program that works with Shopify and covers all e-commerce platforms. For example, it is one of the most effective solutions accessible if you are sourcing from AliExpress. The Store Center, the Sales Center, the Marketing Center, and the Product Center are the four main features.


What are the benefits of using SaleSource?

  • Find the most dependable internet vendors (via ratings)
  • View all of a product’s current sales locations
  • Determine which items have been top sellers for a long time
  • Utilize market data to discover goods that have the potential to become viral
  • Examine the statistics of your competitors (revenue, top products, visitor numbers, etc.)
  • Compare product prices from the best-rated vendors
  • Determine how many people/companies are dropshipping a certain item
  • Find top-rated suppliers, high-converting product videos, and create descriptions automatically
  • Look for dropshipping companies, goods with viral video content, and the best-selling items
  • Analyze the market and identify successful goods
  • Examine any other shops that offer the goods to ensure it isn’t saturated

Why should you use SaleSource?

  • Most users do not know which provider to contact if they want to buy something. Many are in a hurry and do not waste time to find out which provider best suits their needs.
  • When people buy products online, they don’t just buy products. This is the marketing, brand, trust, and lifestyle that this product represents.
  • SaleSource dropshipping lets you focus on product marketing. In other words, you can say the right things at the right time and give the right person with the right amount. Since it does not store inventory, these things can be done for free. In addition, you do not have to deal with most other e-commerce management issues.

Features of SaleSource

Sellsource features

SaleSource Extension

SaleSource Chrome extension lets you analyze competing products. Use this powerful tool to prevent shipping and product research. There is no need to import data or images to search for the product. It starts automatically when a user connects via the product lists on Sale Source.

SaleSource Chrome Extension
SaleSource review

Store Center

  • Another feature of Sale Source is the Store Center which houses the Best Stores, Store Analyzer, Store Tracking and Store Checklist sections.
  • The Top Store section will display the current list of Shopify’s top-performing exhaust resellers, updated and updated weekly. You will find three buttons in this section; Bestsellers, Analyze the store and the Track store.
  • When you click on the best seller button, you will be able to see the best stores and their estimated revenue statistics.
  • Use the Analysis Store button to get a thorough understanding of these specific stores. It provides detailed information on many metrics, including the length of the operation and the amount of traffic the store receives.
  • With the Track Store, you can track your competitors’ store and fashion products. With these features, suppliers can access and analyze sales estimates for a wide range of stores, products, campaigns, apps and more.

Product Center

  • This is the most demanding SaleSource feature. Using Product Analyzer, you have access to information about popular products that you want to add to your store. The SaleSource Chrome extension helps you import and download product images.
  • Product Analyzer saves time by displaying various popular products, so there is no need to search for one product manually. You can also collect information about your competitors, videos about products, stores and much more.

Marketing Center

In this section, you will find Traffic checker, Product Video Finder, and FB Video Ad Finder.

Traffic Checker

This Traffic Control function provides you with traffic information. This gives you information about the time that visitors have visited certain product pages. This is the best way to access basic information about the steps of the user in the store.

Product Video Finder

This feature includes the best marketing videos that provide concepts for marketing campaigns. Learn from top-selling videos and shop with tactics.

Sale Center

The SaleSource includes a variety of videos to help you learn how to use Sale Source. You will learn how to find a winning product to sell and how to see a competitive product.

If you need support for your important ordering tools, you can choose the Pro or Elite plans to access the internal Sale Source support team.

If you want to achieve great success in an online store, SaleSource is the best marketing tool for you. Sellers can make a profit without any risk. Subscribe to SaleSource today to access over 100 million products, competitor information, product description generator, in-depth product analyzer, reliable customer support, conversion set up training, and more. Well, you must have wanted to buy it right away? Buy now at SaleSource group buy now.

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