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Merch Titans Advance suite of tools will efficiently streamline how you do your market research on Amazon. Quickly provide you with relevant data and information that will ultimately increase your overall revenue and sales while saving you time.

What is Merch Titans?

Merch Titans Advance is a marketing research tool that was created specifically for Merch by Amazon. The software comes with several features that consolidate all your research tools within one platform.

Merch Titans Advance
Merch Titans review

Why should you use Merch Titans?

If you’ve used any kind of commodity research tool before, you’ll be familiar with how some of these modules work. However, some modules are not found anywhere else or in any other tool.

There is also a flagship tool coming soon called Merch Titans Automation tool which will allow you to upload your designs to other PODs simultaneously (more on that later) . Let’s take a look at some of the other modules offered by Merch Titans Advance.

What are the benefits of Merch Titans Automation?

  • You are able to upload more and ultimately this means that your earnings also increase.
  • It should be noted that you can upload more than one product at a time.
  • Basically, it can upload several t-shirts to all platforms that you are a member of in parallel.
  • Amazon Merch Create is also a viable automation tool for sellers.
  • The tool allows you to change a standard t-shirt design to fit into the dimensions of a hoodie.
  • This means that you are able to have a wider variety of products to work with.
  • Their language conversion tool also comes in handy for designers and sellers in Germany.
  • It automatically converts English to German.

Features of Merch Titans

  • Product & Brand Search
    Product search allows you to quickly search Amazon and pull relevant real-time product data and information for any keyword you enter. You can also search brands and quickly find their top selling products.
  • Keyword Research, Suggestions and Autocomplete
    With this module you can search for any keyword you desire. Our tool will then check Amazon to see what other “suggestions” and “autocomplete” keywords there are that are actually being searched for by consumers that are related to your primary keyword.
    We then take these keywords and pull the “search volume” from Google and 3rd party partners so that you can quickly get very accurate insights into how many searches per month your primary keyword and all other related keywords are receiving along with competition score, CPC, total products on Amazon per keyword, and more.
  • Titan Vault
    Titan Vault is the premier tool for any Merch by Amazon user! This tool allows you to see all of the Merch by Amazon t-shirts sorted by estimated sales, best seller rank, BSR history, and more. You can quickly find and filter a HUGE list of the top selling products on the Merch by Amazon platform. It’s the perfect tool for filtering and finding profitable markets, niches, and product ideas in a manner of seconds!
  • Trademark Alerts
    With trademark alerts you can easily keep your Merch by Amazon account safe and inside Amazon’s guidelines even while having many live products! You can track thousands of trademarks in real time and receive an email notification anytime one of your phrases becomes trademarked.

Merch Titans Advance not only works with sellers, but also an asset to self-published authors. It is an absolute game changer and has saved sellers several hours. You are also assured of the safety of your designs because they are stored on your PC and not in the software. This gives you full control over your designs and information. Well, I think you should invest in it now.

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