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If you’re looking into maximizing your SEO presence on Etsy, Marmalead will be on your radar. This keyword tool is quite popular right now with sellers.

What is Marmalead?

Marmalead is an SEO tool that shows you several components of your Etsy shop, including: Average views per week and month, Where your shop is ranking, Shops you’re competing with, Items you’re competing with, Where you’re ranking.

Marmalead for etsy
Marmalead for etsy

What can Marmalead do for you?

Marmalead Etsy provides you with a detailed evaluation of your products and listings. This tool even helps you decide which items are in demand by doing keyword research. Simply put, the tool will show you where the weak spots are in your Etsy shop and what to focus on in order to improve them.

It allows you to fairly thoroughly evaluate your items, listings and also do some research to optimize your existing listings. If you’re not sure what to sell on your listing, this tool will help you with thorough keyword research. It’s a great way to know right away where you need to spend your time improving your store’s sales.

How to Use Marmalead?

In this section, we’ll walk through the basics of this tool, and show you how to get started.

The first move is to visit it’s site, sign up for a plan, and decide whether you wish to be charged per month or per year. A cool fact we should mention here is that there’s an option to pay for several separate shops at once.

The next step is to log into your this tool account and integrate it with your Etsy shop. Within a few moments, you’ll notice the “Marmalead scores” on each listing. The tool will use the colors and ABC grading system to signal you whether your listings are doing a good job or not.

How Does Marmalead’s Grading System Work?

Naturally, green shows that the listing is good in SEO terms, while orange means your listing performs just okay. Red shows that the listing is underperforming. The same goes for the letters; A means you’re doing well, but C might indicate that there are things you need to fix.

It also analyses each item separately, all you need to do is click on the product and learn what should be done there. It offers features that will provide you with more detailed insights about your shop’s SEO, and we’ll take a look at them in the following section.

It considers numerous factors when evaluating your Etsy listings, including the kind of photos present on your shop, how many tags you use in your title, whether you use all 13 tags, which listings are renewed, and more. Obviously, you should aim towards making as many listings as possible appear green.

Features of Marmalead

Marmalead is well known for its Etsy keyword tool and Grading System. After binding your shop on this tool, it will provide you with an in-depth listing analysis on your Etsy shop. It will give you some advice on how to catch best practices on Etsy.

  • What keywords are best for your shop?
  • Where your shop is ranking?
  • Who you are competing with?
  • Where you can improve?

In addition, This tool makes keyword research easy through Brainstorming and Analysis. They will show you exactly how a keyword is performing with the relevant data below.

  • Search volume
  • Engagement
  • Keyword Seasonality
  • Keyword Forecasting

Before you select a keyword from the Etsy top searches, it’s recommended to use it to see how those keywords are performing on Etsy. However, for just starting to learn Etsy SEO, This tool has a bit pricier than other tools at $19 a month. Please read to the end of the article to receive a surprise for you.

This tool can provide a lot of help regardless of whether you are just starting your business on Etsy or you already have experience selling there. Various metrics and tools such as the Search engine, the Compare tool and others will give you many suggestions on how to improve your Etsy store.

While Marmalead pricing can’t really be described as low, we have to say that shouldn’t matter as we have the cheapest for you. Most people who have tried using Marmalead group buy love it and say it is totally worth it. Why don’t you try to buy it now? If you are wondering about the product, read Marmalead review. Thanks for reading!

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