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What you’ll learn

  • Confidently evaluate multifamily investment opportunities
  • Identify and address key investment considerations for multifamily deals
  • Conduct proper market analysis for multifamily deals
  • Conduct proper financial analysis for multifamily deals
  • Understand and use key multifamily investment metrics


  • Real Estate Investment Fundamentals
  • Working Knowledge of Investment Analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Intermediate Level Excel or Financial Analysis


Thinking about investing in multifamily apartments but not quite sure how?

This course will show you professional techniques and give you professional investment models to help you find the winners in multifamily properties.

Before we go further, please note that this is an advanced course.

This course assumes you have a working knowledge of real estate investing fundamentals and you’re comfortable working with financial models in Excel.

If you’ve never worked with financial models or aren’t comfortable working in Excel, this is not the course for you. 

We also assume you understand the fundamentals of discounted cash flows and you have a working knowledge of IRR, yields, cap rates, etc…

You’ll get the most out of this if you take one of Symon’s introductory courses first, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

What’s covered in this course:

•           How to conduct market analysis at the regional, neighborhood, and competitive level.

•           How to conduct financial analysis for a multifamily investment.

•           Key points of negotiations for the Purchase & Sale Agreement

•           How to analyze and verify income sources

•           What is the Gross Rent Multiplier and how to use it

•           How to analyze expenses

•           How to look at capital expenditures

•           Evaluating rent roll

•           Creating tenant profiles

•           Review of key investment metrics in the multifamily context.

•           Proper due diligence

•           Multi-family case studies

I don’t live in the US, is the material still relevant to me?

Yes! While all of the examples in the course use US properties, ALL of the concepts taught and tools provided inside are still useful for any market around the world.  In fact, I have students from over 190 countries who are learning and using the tools provided in the course to help them invest in their local area.

What if I don’t have any real estate background?

If you missed it earlier, this course assumes prior knowledge or background.  Go take Symon’s Intro to Real Estate Investing course if you have ZERO background in real estate.

Why is there so much math and numbers?

You can’t properly evaluate a real estate investment without looking at its numbers.  So if you hate math and don’t like numbers, this course isn’t for you.  Serious real estate analysis is probably not for you either.

Why do you use Excel so much?

Good question.  Analyzing real estate investments involves looking at the numbers and it’s easiest to do so with spreadsheets, which is why I use Excel extensively in this course.  But the good thing is you DO NOT have to build any of the models yourself.  You just need to be able to follow along and then you’ll be able to use the models I give you.  For what it’s worth, these models are the same ones we built when we worked for multimillion-dollar investment funds to help them find and analyze multifamily deals.

Can you make me rich by taking your course?

No way! Not just from taking the course, at least. Anyone who promises you that is selling snake oil.

If you take my course AND apply what you’ve learned to make smarter investments in the future, then you have a chance at making some real money.

What we can guarantee is that you will leave with some serious real estate investing knowledge and techniques.

What will I be able to do after I take your course?

After taking my course, you will be able to confidently use professional real estate investment techniques to evaluate multifamily deals.

What WON’T I get from this course?   

•           You will not get a Real Estate License from taking this course. You can only get licensed by taking the appropriate test with the testing agency of your state and country. But what is taught in this course has nothing to with getting a license, which focuses on how to legally transact real estate deals between buyers and sellers. This course is about investment analysis.

•           We will not be evaluating your personal investment deals for you in this course. This is about you learning how to do it on your own using the lessons and the tools here. If you really want us to consult, you can reach out to us. Our hourly rate is $350/hr.

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