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Exploding Topics helps investors and entrepreneurs find trends explode before they take off. World-class companies now use this tool to stay on top of trend-detecting algorithms that identify unnoticed industries, products, and categories months or years before they develop.

What is Exploding Topics?

Getting data first can make or break a business. Exploding Topics Pro helps you see what’s coming next before anybody else. That way, you know where to best invest your time and resources.

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Why should you use Exploding Topics?

If you want to proactively research startups to invest in, start by finding megatrends with sustainable growth. Today, Exploding Topics seo tool is a database of over 13,000 manually approved trends to help uncover exciting new trends you didn’t even know about.

Who uses Exploding Topics Pro?

ExplodingTopics Pro is perfect for:

  • Investors Looking For Untapped Investment Opportunities:

Get in early on trends that show strong signs of long-term growth.

  • Entrepreneurs Searching For The Next Product to Launch:

Entrepreneurs use this tool to find under-the-radar products, categories, and markets.

  • Enterprises That Want Trends That Drive Revenue:

Enterprises use this tool to make data-driven decisions about new ventures, projects and more.

How does Exploding Topics find and determine trends?

Plenty of tools can generate a list of popular topics frequently mentioned across the internet. However, most of the topics on these lists are irrelevant to investors. So they wanted to make sure that the trends listed in the Exploding Topics database were both:

  • Relevant to business (rather than celebrity gossip or pop culture trends)
  • Sustainable (steady growth on an upward trajectory rather than a fad)

So a key differentiator between this tool and other topic generators is that they leverage both AI and human data analysts to approve each trend. Here’s an overview of how they collect trend data:

  • First, the Exploding Topics algorithm scans the internet (Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Amazon, Google, etc.) and flags frequently mentioned topics.
  • Then, a human analyst manually combs through the data and throws out trends that don’t have any business value.
  • Once a trend is approved, it is added to the database. They use Google Search volume data to evaluate each keyword and only include those that have shown compounding growth for an extended period of time (usually six months or more) are added to the Trends Database.

Features of Exploding Topics

Get access to our growing database of 14k+ trends, weekly email reports, Instant Trend Alerts, and more.

  • Weekly Premium Trend Reports
    Each week we send you a premium report containing dozens of high-potential trends — up to a year before we share them anywhere else.
  • Full Trends Database
    Use our growing database of 14,000+ topics to easily find emerging trends in dozens of different industries.
  • Reports Library
    Get instant access to our library of premium trend reports.
  • Trend Search
    Search and track fast-growing trends (includes country-level data).
  • Tomorrow’s Products, Today
    Learn about underground markets, under-the-radar startups, and untapped investment opportunities.
  • Meta Trends
    See what’s coming next in the world of SaaS, finance, health, business, DTC, edtech, CPG and more.
  • Instant Trend Alerts
    Be the first to know when an emerging trend is starting to take off.
Exploding Topics review
Exploding Topics review

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