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AMZ Tracker is an awesome Amazon FBA seller tool that raises the ranks of the seller by using different strategies. It is a suitable tool for tracking the seller’s progress.

What is AMZ Tracker?

It is a Cloud-based Amazon tracking system that allows Amazon merchants to track their sales, revenue, and ranking. AMZ tracker provides the tools to do keyword research, competitive analysis, manage email marketing and campaigns, and other analytics to correctly assess and manage your store’s product promotions and conversions.

AMZ Tracker
AMZ Tracker review

Why should you use AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is a great tool for sellers that can help the sellers to grow sales and track them at one place. It helps you to track the products and look where your competitor ranks. You can use the keywords which are fixed to define your products. That wholly depends on the subscription plan that you choose.

Who should use AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker will help Amazon merchants improve rankings through the use of solutions based on both search and algorithms. This will allow sellers to improve margins. AMZ Tracker keeps your business competitive. Amazon businesses can grow dramatically quickly, and it’s essential to keep an eye on your business.

Features of AMZ Tracker

Email Reports

AMZ Tracker provides merchants with an email reports tool. Email updates can be received either weekly or daily showing product rankings for specific keywords. The issue with using any tool for setting up keyword ranking is the length of time necessary for logging in and looking through every product to determine the rankings. Email reports allow the merchant to choose the keywords and products the report shows. All of the rankings are directly emailed to the merchant’s inbox.

Find New Keywords

When consumers using Amazon enter a keyword search, words as completed automatically by the Amazon search bar as the consumer types. The suggested keywords are based on the most frequently performed searches. AMZ Tracker provides merchants with the find new keywords feature. The tool offers a list of the keywords and phrases suggested automatically by Amazon. If the merchant types in laptop computers, a list is provided based on Amazon results.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Merchants can use this feature to find new long-tail keywords. The keywords can be added directly to any products the merchant is tracking. This makes adding new keywords for tracking extremely easy. The feature does not display search volume. The merchant will be unable to determine if the new keywords are profitable or popular.

Negative Review Alerts

  • The negative review alerts feature is very useful. To remain successful Amazon merchants need to maintain a minimum of a four-star rating. When a merchant receives a review of fewer than five stars, they receive an alert. The merchant can quickly read the review, determine which buyer left the review and respond quickly. The merchant has the option of contacting the consumer to handle any issues with either the order or the product.
  • When a merchant is able to respond quickly to a poor review, they are often able to improve their star rating. When a dissatisfied customer is offered a good resolution to their complaint, the negative review may be removed. In some cases, a positive review may be left instead.

AMZ Tracker is the right tracking tool for your business needs and so it does well with the tracking. It gives you the glimpse of how to look the product for the ranking and analysis. It gives an overall estimation of sales and revenue with the product review and the product rankings. If you are looking to improve your rankings on Amazon, what are you waiting for? Buy now at our AMZ Tracker group buy to get the best price. Thanks for visiting!

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