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AMZ Scout was built by people who initiated their careers as Amazon sellers. The creators have experienced the insurmountable odds of selling online. The kind of time and effort that it takes to find a product which is profitable enough, and then work that is needed to get your product listed. And even then to come across results that did not justify the effort that was put into the action.

What is AMZ Scout?

AmzScout Web app is a low-cost toolkit to help you start an Amazon business. Find profitable, low-competition products, learn how to sell with private label, arbitrage, dropshipping and wholesale. Discover popular product keywords and verified suppliers.

AMZ Scout
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Why should you use AMZ Scout?

AMZScout app is at the forefront when it comes to selling on Amazon. It provides all the information you need to find the perfect niche and grow your future business. This tool is a must-have for finding products to resell at a profit on Amazon. Very intuitive, but also has “hints” to help you through the process until you feel comfortable with it.

What are the benifits of using AMZ Scout?

Find Profitable Products To Sell on Amazon

  • Come up with hot new product ideas by using our Product Database that includes 550 million items
  • Identify and compare products with the highest profit potential and evaluate competition using the legendary PRO Extension
  • Get profitable products that perform in the top 1% delivered right to your email
  • Gain access to the most accurate analytics solution in the industry

Learn How To Sell on the Amazon Marketplace

  • See exactly how to choose profitable products, source items from suppliers, and market your business with step-by-step video courses and masterclasses created by 7-figure Amazon sellers.

Make High Profits Selling Proven Profitable Products

  • Spot products easily that are suitable for dropshipping, arbitrage, and wholesale
  • Calculate the price needed to own the Buy Box, and how many sales you can make
  • Find out which products need additional investment and special permissions to sell with ease

Search for Local and International Suppliers on Alibaba

  • Discover affordable and trustworthy suppliers from any country, including the US and China, in just one click
  • Gain access to millions of manufacturers that are ready to create your private label products
  • Find your competitor’s products on and add them to your inventory to scale your business
  • Compare suppliers by rating and business activity to choose the most reliable partners for your business

Launch a Successful Product Quickly

  • Get all the keywords you need to create effective product listings and PPC campaigns with AMZ Scout Keyword tools
  • Receive recommendations and reports to help you fine-tune your listings and beat your competitors
  • Build the perfect listings and PPC campaigns that allow you to hack Amazon’s search algorithm and boost your sales by 400%
  • Quickly find suppliers for any new product by using in-tool Alibaba suggestions

Features of AMZ Scout

  • Sales Estimates
  • Revenue Estimates
  • Spy On The Competition
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Find out what are the most popular keywords for your products in no time with our Explorer that helps you choose the best ones to increase your sales.
  • Fulfillment Details
  • View Trends
  • Sales Rank at a Glance
  • Profit Calculator
  • Sales History of a Product per Year
  • Instant Information on Ratings
  • Quality of Product Listing
  • Quick Product Sourcing
  • Product Database
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Unlimited ideas for product search
  • Scout competitors trades
  • Check out what’s easy to sell
  • Explore items with little rivalry
  • Product Tracker: 80 products
  • AMZscout extension

Is AMZScout free? This tool provides 5 searches for you in the free version, after 5 searches you will have to upgrade to continue using. If you are intending to start a business on AMZ Scout, do not hesitate to order at Best Spy Tools to own the best tool. In addition, you can also refer to some AMZScout alternative tools as: Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Perpetua, etc. Hurry order now!

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