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AdSpyder optimizes your online advertising strategy. Track your competitors’ ads and achieve better conversion rates, secure new leads and increase your sales.

What is AdSpyder?

AdSpyder is an intelligence platform that provides insights into millions of online advertisements from all over the world. The platform covers multiple advertisement metrics, generates visualizations based on those metrics, and offers several filters for a hassle-free user experience. AdSpyder currently supports Google Search ads, Facebook ads, Google Ecom ads, and displays ads across networks such as Yahoo! and GDN.

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Why should you use AdSpyder?

AdSpyder provides advertisement-related data that matters the most. And it is not about just analytics; AdSpyder ensures you have the necessary metrics and numbers in hand to craft the best advertising strategies.

What AdSpyder Solutions Bring to You?

Essential Ad Intelligence Tool

AdSpyder’s ad intelligence insights service makes selling easier and much more profitable.

  • Build a profitable business
  • Create a custom audience list
  • Learn what your competitors are doing

Discover the Best Ads in your Niche

Every niche has one or more top-performing ads on major platforms. These superlative ads are essential to get the best results.

  • Discover top-notch ads and learn from them.
  • Personalize your ads accordingly.
  • Identify the factors that drive your results, growth, and ROI.

Ad Search Terms

Allocate your ad spend for the right campaigns with effective search terms. With this tool make smart, well- informed decisions about your Ad spent.

  • Search term intelligence
  • Competitor Search Term Data
  • Increase your Return on Ad Spend(ROAS)

Native Ads Spy

Measure, reflect, and fortify your campaigns using native ads. Achieve enhanced business performance using accurate, trust-worthy advertisement data and strengthen your digital media strategy.

  • Identify which native platform is the best for your business.
  • Discover your competitors’ native ads strategy.

Features of AdSpyder

Facebook Ads Spy

It’s all about data today. Findings, insights, and discoveries all boil down to the data you possess. Likewise, access to your rival’s Facebook ads’ data is pivotal to your dominance on the social media platform. Develop a fool-proof digital media plan with the data from Facebook Ads Spy repository.

  • Conceive Impactful, Creative Strategies better Creative Strategy
  • Transform Existing Digital Media Tactics Digital Media Plan
  • Revitalize Stagnant Ad Campaigns
  • Grow your Business

Google Ads Spy

Check on your Competitor’s ads with the Google Ads Spy library.

  • Get ad copy, headlines, descriptions, clicks, impressions, ad spend, and much more.
  • View their reach and target demographic.
  • Search and analyze the data on generic ads, display ads, YouTube ads, and shopping ads.

YouTube Ads Spy

Decode YouTube ads, get in-depth analysis.Spy on Youtube ads to make your campaigns better than your competitors.

  • Discover brand messaging.
  • Uncover your competitor’s brand positioning.
  • Get Ad spend, targeted audience and ad historical data.

Instagram Ads Spy

Get Instagram ad intelligence, historical metrics, in-depth analysis, ad copy and much more.

  • Target Audience
  • Brand positioning of your competitors
  • Discover brand’s messaging strategy

Bing Ads Spy Tool

Our Bing Ads Spy tool lets you access millions of advertisements and provides insights into your competitor’s Bing ads. Bing Ads Spy gives you:

  • Access to ad creatives, ad copies, descriptions, keywords, ad spend, and much more.
  • Analysis on advertisement-related traffic to identify impressions share, demographics, and target audience.
  • Data on all kinds of advertisements: generic, display, search, ecommerce, and banners.

Shopping Ads Spy

Analyze your competitor’s shopping ads strategy. Bring efficacy to your ads using our Shopping Ads Spy tool.

  • Design high-quality advertisements by analyzing ad creatives, copy, expenditure, and more.
  • Spy on your competitor’s impression share, demographics, and target audience.
  • Get notified about the product listing ads published by your peers.

If you are one of the individuals or organizations that run ads to promote products, brands and services. You will benefit from AdSpyder. Adspyder helps to gather insights about competitors’ ads, analyze competitors’ ads and create out-of-the-box advertising/marketing strategies. What are you waiting for, buy now at our AdSpyder group buy. I hope that you will find this article useful. Thanks for visiting!

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