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Today we take a look at one of the most indispensable tools for Facebook-focused affiliate marketers, namely ADheart. Service launched in 2019, It is the leading tool for in-depth analysis and collection of advertising information on Facebook.

What is ADheart?

ADheart is a service that collects and stores all active ads on Facebook. And you can use all of those templates for inspiration. Instead of having to scroll through all the ads, you can use the built-in filters to narrow them down to suit your niche.

Why should you use ADheart?

With Adheart Spy, you can easily monitor and save landers, creatives, and offers, making it the perfect tool for Facebook and Instagram campaigns. You can effortlessly filter your results by language, ad type (picture or video), copy, headline, traffic source, and more, then use them to create your own winning campaigns.

Who should use ADheart?

  • For webmasters
    Search for creatives all over the world. A complete database of creatives for every niche. Forget your designer and use a creative database instead. Keep track at the most effective campaigns made by your colleagues and competitors. Find a suitable offer+creative match for any desirable GEO and make profit!
  • For marketers
    Match creatives for the projects you lead. No need to make them yourself anymore! Find fresh ideas for promoting all kinds of products. Spy on your competitors to find the best option for yourself.
  • For store owners
    Take a look at trending products and/or services from all over the world. Be the first to know what people sell, where do they sell it and in what ways do they sell it. Complete creatives for all the possible businesses.

What can ADheart do for you?

Search and selection of creatives

  • Creative selection
    Search through the huge database which contains 1’020’667’844 creatives
  • Filters for deep search
    Search through text, links, GEO, domain zone, fb-page, application, platform, IP domain, language and available text, platform, type and format of media-content, campaign start date and campaign duration.
  • Download media-files
    Download any from 2’426’504’634 media-files. 0 Tb. of creatives! Photos and videos in high quality.”
  • My compilations
    A possibility to add necessary creatives to the personal compilation to have quick access to them in the future
  • Statistics for creatives
    Creative launch date, campaign duration

Top promoted applications

  • Search for applications
    Search through the name of an app or its part; search for apps promoted within the period; filter by platform (Android, iOS)
  • Top promoted applications
    Top promoted applications within the chosen period sorted by number of used creatives
  • Sorting
    Sort by first appearance, latest appearance, renewal date

Analysis of an application

  • Promotion statistics
    Number of creatives by week, month and all, a possibility to see all creatives of the application for the specified period of time.
  • Promotion dynamics
    Statistics of applications creatives promoted daily
  • Latest found creatives
    The fastest way to find out how the application is being promoted

Work with creatives

  • Download media
    Download pictures/video of creatives or its preview
  • Text translation
    Translate text of the certain creative to Russian in one click
  • Black lists
    Adding FB-pages, applications or domains to personal “black list”
  • Search for creatives
    Creatives from the same FB-page, the same application or the same domain; search for all creatives leading to domains on the certain IP!
  • Campaign geography
    Representation of targeted countries
  • View statistics
    When the creative was launched and how long it had worked

Looking to explore ADheart without spending money? ADheart free version lets you experience the platform’s features and benefits for free, helping you make an informed decision before purchasing. However, if you’re seeking the best ADheart price, Best Spy Tools offers the most affordable option for using the top-notch tool. Don’t hesitate, try ADheart free and then upgrade with Best Spy Tools for the best ADheart price!

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