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AdCostly Pro is Facebook’s #1 Advertising Cost Analyzer, as of 2018. ADCostly is trusted by 80,000 registered users. They provide CPC, CPM, CTR, and CPA benchmarks for Facebook ad costs and help you with better analysis.

What is AdCostly?

ADCostly is a tool designed to provide users with a convenient and intuitive way to view the average index of key ad costs in the advertising industry. The tool aims to offer valuable insights into the cost of advertising across various platforms and industries, enabling users to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies.

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Who should use ADCostly?

ADCostly is a useful tool for anyone who is interested in advertising on Facebook and wants to improve the performance of their Facebook ads campaigns. Specifically, it is ideal for:

  • Digital Marketers who want to gain insights into their competitors’ Facebook ads strategies, identify new ad trends, and optimize their own ad campaigns for better performance.
  • eCommerce Business Owners who want to stay ahead of their competition, find new products that sell well on Facebook, and generate more sales from their ad campaigns.
  • Social Media Managers who want to better understand their audience, identify effective ad creatives, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their clients’ Facebook ads campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is cost per action (CPA)? and CPA campaign

  • The CPA calculation is the complex and core metric of Facebook ad cost, CPA Cost = Spent / # of actions. However Facebook supports tens of actions. Therefore it invent new metric, cost per result (CPR), for Facebook Advertisers.
  • CPA (Cost-Per-Action) is the most advanced mobile advertising payment model. With this model, advertisers pay publishers for specific actions (like sales or registrations) that people make inside mobile apps after being engaged with ads.
  • To calculate cost-per-action for a specific action one needs to divide a total ad campaign spending on several specific actions that this particular campaign generated.
  • Pricing for various kinds of actions such as app installs, registers, purchases can vary from $4 to $75 per action. The CPA advertising model is the roots of digital affiliate marketing. We’ve analyzed the best CPA Advertising Networks in this directory.
  • Note: This cpa desc link is the best reference.

How to compare social media advertising cost and sem advertising cost?

  • On Facebook, most ads are delivered by image or video format, so most facebook ad costs are basically measured in cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
  • On Google Search, most ads are delivered by keywords or text format, so most google ad costs are basically measured in cost per click (CPC).

Features of AdCostly

Facebook Interests Audience

  • ADCostly provides Facebook audience insights , and you can easily obtains audience size, average CPM, CPC, and keyword difficulty.
  • The CPC/CPM of interests can help you better manage Facebook ads cost.

Facebook Ads Cost Benchmarks

  • Measure your advertising revenue or loss based on Facebook ads cost benchmarks
  • More than a dozen filters including industry, country, publisher, CTA… can be selected
  • Age, gender, Placements Ranking, detailed analysis of Facebook audiences
  • AD Costly helps you better analyze marketing costs and reduce advertising costs
Easily unlock secrets of Facebook ads cost metric
  • Facebook Ads Cost Metric
Get average CPM, CPC, CPA and CTR Facebook benchmarks for Free.
  • Targeting Facebook Interests
Search Facebook interests to get your ad audience and CPC/CPM.
  • Optimize Your Campaigns
Optimize your ad campaigns based on audiences and Facebook benchmarks.
  • Tracking Ad Trends
Get the trends of Facebook ads cost in different industries and countries.
Facebook Ads Cost Benchmarks
AdCostly review

If you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you with Facebook ads research and optimization, ADCostly is definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re interested in exploring other options, we recommend looking into BigSpy, an ADCostly alternative that offers similar features and functionality. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and we encourage you to do your research and find the tool that best meets your specific needs and budget.

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